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About MABP



MABP (Make A Better Place) is a Bangalore-based NGO focused on Education and General Awareness. Founded in 2019, we began as a group of ragtag do-gooders who wished to make life better for the vulnerable and underserved.

We noticed a disconnect between the academic system and real life, which was further brought to light by the pandemic. Through interactive, non-standardized educational sessions, MABP is trying to bridge this gap. Fast forward a year, we have actively been teaching at various schools and community centers.


Built on the idea that a community can effectively use its spare resources to bring about a positive impact, MABP initiatives give our community members the opportunity to use their spare time in a meaningful and fulfilling manner. Currently, we have two initiatives: MABP-Ed and MABP-X.

       MABP-Ed: Where learning comes alive

  • We believe education should go beyond textbooks. MABP-Ed brings interactive and impactful learning experiences to children in need. 

       MABP-X: Taking action for a better society

  • We identify and tackle pressing social issues head-on, leveraging our strong community network and resourcefulness.


With impactful service at the core of all our activities, we strive to leave a lasting imprint on our students and our community. No problem is too big to solve, if each one of us decide to be a part of the solution.


Along with your help, we know we can Make A Better Place!

Our Mission

To empower children, adults and families from vulnerable and underprivileged backgrounds by:

  • promoting holistic education 

  • developing fundamental skills and capabilities

  • nurturing individuality and independence


Our Vision

To build a world where dreams are for everyone!

Our Mission

 Meet The Team 

Manasa Rb
Manasa Rb

Marketing Head

Find joy in the ordinary

Amreen Siraj
Amreen Siraj

Executive Director

Harbor a heart full of compassion for others.

Nadia Khateeja
Akshith Krishnan
Nadia Khateeja

Volunteer Manager

MABP-Ed Head

Spreading smiles is the secret sauce to a happy life!

Chris Joseph
Chris Joseph

Managing Director

Your intentions define your journey.

Christo Geo Jose
Christo Geo Jose

Operations Head

One random act of kindness at a time.

Akshith Krishnan

We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it

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