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*Your donations to Make A better Place are tax exempted under 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act

Choose a Way to Donate

Make a single contribution to support our programs or support with a recurring monthly donation.

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For the price of a cigarette (₹20), you can contribute to feeding a stray animal

One dinner out (₹500) can fund medical care for an animal for a month.

The cost of a daily latte (around ₹150) can feed a family for a week.

What we do

Make A Better Place (MABP) is a Bangalore-based NGO founded in 2019. We focus on Education and General Awareness, directly impacting our community's most vulnerable.


  • MABP-Ed: Empowering underprivileged children with interactive learning experiences.

  • MABP-X: Addressing social issues by providing skill-based training and feeding the needy.

Why Donate?

Since inception, MABP has:

  • Educated over 4000 students across 115+ centers.

  • Organized 75+ impactful events (MABP-X).

  • Engaged 85 dedicated volunteers.

  • In the last 6 months alone, taught 1200+ children in India, Sri Lanka, and Maldives using 14 in-house curriculums.

Every donation directly supports these efforts, providing skill-based learning and essential resources to underprivileged communities. Operating with zero administrative costs and staffed entirely by volunteers, MABP is dedicated to creating sustainable positive change.

How Your Donation Helps

Every rupee you donate goes directly to our impactful programs:

  • Spoonful of Kindness: Provides meals for families in need.

  • Pawsitive Plates: Supports feeding and caring for stray animals.

  • Shop for a Cause: Funds educational materials and resources for underprivileged children.

80G Tax Exemption Form

*Disclaimer: Donations made via Razorpay will automatically receive 80G tax exemption certificates. You do not need to fill out the 80G form. The form is only required for those who make payments via QR code. We will issue the certificate once your QR code donation is verified.

Thank you for your generosity and support!

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