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Cup of Teach

In September of 2021, MABP started its Cup of Teach program as part of MABP-Ed. Volunteers from across Bangalore and Delhi joined together to teach at schools, topics relating to real-life. Since then, MABP-Ed has taught over 600 students from 6 schools and centers.

MABP-Ed is all about making impactful changes, and hence we focus on what students can do now to have a better future.

Cup of Teach started out as a program to leverage our community by teaching children. With the pandemic moving most education online, children spend that much more time on the internet. Our motivation for the first session was protecting children from the dangers of the same. And thus, we conducted the Internet Literacy Awareness session at Good Samaritan School. Since then, our curriculum has expanded to include Career Awareness, Political Awareness and the importance of giving back to community.

Another hallmark of our sessions is how interactive they are. Knowing that children have a shorter attention span, we curate our curriculum to make the sessions more fun and participative. This way the children retain for longer and also understand better.

With the new academic year beginning soon, MABP-Ed hopes to reach even more kids. If you love being around children and want to use your time to give back to the next generation, come join us, teach with us and impact the lives of these young buds!

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