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Spot Fix 2: From Stickers to Smiles How We Transformed Ulsoor

Updated: Jan 7

Have you ever walked past a spot in your city and felt a pang of disappointment? A place with the potential for beauty, choked by neglect and apathy? We at MABP felt that pang too, standing by the Ulsoor Gurudwara in Bengaluru. But instead of sighing and walking on, we decided to act.

From Church Street to Ulsoor: A Journey of Grit and Generosity

Our journey began not at the gurudwara, but on the bustling streets of Church Street. With nothing but a dream and a handful of volunteers, we set up a stall, selling stickers designed by local artists. Each sticker was a silent plea for help, a call to action against the apathy that had shrouded Ulsoor.

The response was overwhelming. Bengaluru's citizens, known for their warmth and civic spirit, rallied behind us. The funds we raised were meager but were enough to kickstart our mission.

BBMP: Partners in Progress

We knew we couldn't do it alone. We approached BBMP, Bengaluru's municipal corporation, and found eager partners in their sanitation workers. Together, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Armed with brooms, shovels, and a whole lot of determination, we descended to clean the area.

The initial few hours were tough. The sheer volume of waste was daunting, and the stench was almost unbearable. But slowly, steadily, Ulsoor began to transform. With each rubble we picked, and each plastic bag collected, the surroundings inched closer to their former glory.

A Splash of Color, a Beacon of Hope

Once the cleaning was done, it was time to add a touch of magic. The troop of fourteen volunteers transformed the surrounding walls with vibrant murals, depicting scenes of nature and community. Ulsoor, once shrouded in despair, was now bursting with colour and life.

The Journey Continues

Our Ulsoor cleanup drive is just the beginning. We have miles to go, people to feed, and communities to empower. However, the success of this project has shown us that even the smallest actions can create ripples of change.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Donate, volunteer, and spread the word – every little bit counts. Together, we can transform not just Ulsoor, but the entire city of Bengaluru, one wall, one street, and one heart at a time.

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