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Spark Their Dreams: Empowering Girls at Bethany High School

A Carrier Awareness Session at Bethany high School by MABP.

Here at Make a Better Place, we believe every girl deserves the chance to dream big and chase their passions. But sometimes, choosing a career path can feel overwhelming, especially without the right guidance. Recently, our team had the incredible opportunity to visit Bethany High School in Koramangala, Bengaluru, to conduct a career awareness session for over 40 amazing young women from class 5 to 10.

Have you ever noticed how many students say they want to be a doctor or an engineer, simply because that's what they've heard from others? We did! The truth is, choosing a career should be about what you love, not what society dictates.

That's exactly why we designed this session! We wanted to open their eyes to the vast world of possibilities available to them. Through interactive activities and discussions, we explored different career options based on their individual interests. We also equipped these girls with the knowledge they need to make their dreams a reality. We shared the different educational paths they can take, from vocational training to university degrees. We even discussed amazing government schemes and scholarships that can help them achieve their goals!

The session was a resounding success! The energy in the room was electric. The girls were actively participating, asking questions, and most importantly, getting excited about their futures. It was truly heartwarming to see their faces light up as they discovered new possibilities.

But here's the thing: reaching just these 40 girls isn't enough. There are countless others who need this kind of guidance.

This is where you come in!

By volunteering with Make a Better Place, you can directly contribute to these life-changing sessions. You can help young girls discover their passions, explore career paths, and take control of their futures.

And of course, your donations are crucial! Every contribution allows us to conduct more workshops, reach more schools, and empower more girls to chase their dreams.

Together, we can create a future where every girl has the opportunity to thrive.


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