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The Meal Buddy Program 1

Updated: Jan 7

On 26th Feb, 2022, three teams of 6-8 MABP volunteers met at biryani shops across Bangalore. Now you must be thinking, why is there a blog on biryani in a social impact site? Not quite. A month of fundraising and logistical planning culminated into the first Meal Buddy Program!

MABP collaborated with Voice of Hope, a Bangalore based grassroots organization, to feed the homeless. Members of MABP together with volunteers enthusiastically contributed their valuable time, raising funds and coordinating logistics, while also taste testing biryani.

We targeted distributing lunch to 200 people across Koramangala, BTM Layout and Kalyan Nagar.

In the month leading up to the project, we managed to raise a total of Rs.10,000, thanks to the generous donations by our community. The logistics team negotiated with various biryani shops and ensured that the delicious Khushka rice would ready by noon for the 26th.

With our volunteers and scooters, we collected the rice packets and headed out in different directions to hand out food. The smiles and gratitude we received for helping the homeless for just one meal was extremely fulfilling. We could not take away their problems, but we could give them a small break, a breather, a fleeting moment of happiness.

After a successful first Meal Buddy Program, MABP has made it a regular part of its activities. We continue to count on you for your support to make future Meal Buddy programs and the like a success. Follow us on Instagram @make_a_better_place19 for timely updates to volunteer/contribute for future engagements. Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

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